The months ahead are among the busiest for Share Our Strength’s culinary events, with No Kid Hungry Dinners and Taste of the Nation events planned across the country.

We are closely monitoring the situation around the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) at a national and local level, heeding advisories and assessing ways to mitigate risk from the outbreak at our events.

We will make decisions about our portfolio of events on an event-by-event basis, following the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, federal, state and local governments, public health authorities, and medical professionals.

Unless expressly noted on the event page or through direct communication, currently scheduled culinary events will move forward as planned. If you have event-specific questions or concerns, please reach out to

Events currently postponed (or canceled, if noted) due to coronavirus outbreak:

  • Chicago No Kid Hungry Dinner
  • Night Out for No Kid Hungry, New York City
  • Charlotte’s Taste of the Nation
  • Washington DC’s Taste of the Nation
  • Palm Beach’s Taste of the Nation
  • Atlanta’s Taste of the Nation- CANCELED
  • St. Louis’ Taste of the Nation
  • NYC’s Taste of the Nation
  • Nashville No Kid Hungry Dinner
  • Los Angeles’ Taste of the Nation
  • Philadelphia’s Taste of the Nation
  • South Florida’s Taste of the Nation
  • Houston’s Taste of the Nation
  • Boston’s Taste of the Nation
  • Austin’s Taste of the Nation- CANCELED
  • Bentonville No Kid Hungry Dinner
  • DC No Kid Hungry Dinner
  • San Francisco’s Taste of the Nation
  • Minneapolis’ Taste of the Nation Hotlist- CANCELED
  • Seattle No Kid Hungry Dinner