Isaac McHale

Isaac McHale, 37, is chef-owner of The Clove Club and Luca in London. Born in Orkney in Scotland, McHale’s career started in Glasgow working in restaurants while still at high school, before a stint at Marque in Sydney and, much later, Noma in Copenhagen. McHale came to London 14 years ago to work for Tom Aikens and then at The Ledbury for six years, where he was made Development Chef.

In 2011 McHale along with friends formed the internationally acclaimed Young Turks collective, running a series of highly praised one off pop-up events in locations around London, their success leading to a six-month residency above The Ten Bells Pub in Spitalfields. He is one of the vanguard of high profile new generation of British chefs making waves at the moment.


  • The Clove Club