Jenny Lemay

Jenny Lemay is the Chef Sommelier at Restaurant Eugene. She started there as a sommelier one year ago, after moving from the San Francisco Bay Area. There she worked in wine and service in many capacities. From three Michelin star, Quince, to a specialized wine bar, The Barrel Room, to a family-owned group of wine shops, Vino, she has sharpened her skills and knowledge. Her passion for wine has been further informed by winemaking internships in France and Oregon.

At Restaurant Eugene, Jenny focuses on classic producers and regions across Europe and the West Coast for her bottle list. With the wine pairing, she steps a little outside the box. She likes to challenge her guests with lesser known regions, such as Slovenia, Greece, and Switzerland. She works with Chef James Wyatt to create dynamic wine and food pairings that tell a story and speak to a sense of place, whether that be from a local farm, or a village across the world.